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Samsung Galaxy S9: A Wannabe from the Core of Specs

The South Korean Giant is one the largest supplier and manufacturer of Smartphone in the market. They have a huge share of the device carried by the generation in their hands. Now, they are coming with the new concept of flagship #Galaxy S9 #wannabe #2018. The device will be the wannabe of the year 2018.

The Samsung Galaxy S series has been around in the mobile phone market for quite some time now. The series has established itself as the godfather of mobile flagships with multiple upgrades each time a new device from the series is released. The series follows the trend if providing its users a high-end experience with various innovations and latest functions compacted in the hardware.

Samsung recently released their latest flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 was only announced in March 2017 and is now available in stores for a price of $720 as of April 2017. The device is yet to reach out to the local stores worldwide. But, surprisingly, various reports have already claimed rumors to its successor the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Spreading of rumors certainly does not take a lot of time certainly if a brand like Samsung is involved. But no one expected the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S9 to hit the market so quickly. There are various factors which come into play before the rumors of any device roll out. However, the geeks have found out a workaround for all of those with their research. In fact, even the price of Samsung Galaxy S9 has been estimated already. So let us study them.

Why Samsung started working on Galaxy S9 too early?

It’s not the first time to observe the spreading of rumors of any device. The reason why rumors spread so easily is the fans itself. Fans keep expecting new features and up gradation in the technology all the time. Designers make a concept which is new and acceptable by the public. It’s never been confirmed by Samsung that they have started working on the device or not. It is the designers and online news maker who spread the rumors.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung has always been known to go neck and neck with their competitors in all ranges. The Galaxy S series is known to provide features of the latest and highest quality to its users. Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to do the same. Here are the expected features of the Galaxy S9.

Display: The Galaxy S9 is expected to come with a 5.8’’ 4K Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display with a pixel density of 570. Its display is also expected to come with a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection and resolutions of 2960X1440.

Connectivity:  A dual micro SIM slot along with 4G LTE capabilities, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are confirmed in the device as they are standard utilities.

Camera: Samsung focuses on this department every year. The next version of the S series is expected to boast a 21 MP primary rear camera along with flash and a 13MP secondary camera up front with flash.

Hardware:  It is expected to be running on 7nm Chipset technology Octa core Snapdragon processor. 7nm Technology is aligned to come up in the same year.

Storage:  6GB of RAM, 128GB of ROM and an expandable memory of 256GB is also expected.

Operating system: It is expected to run on the next version of Android, the Android O.

Other features: Super Capacitor battery will be used for fast charging.

What are the expectations from Galaxy S9?

  • A cheaper variant

Everyone wants value for money. As good as the Samsung Galaxy S series is, people, do not see it as an investment worth making. A cheaper variant, however, seems like the ideal fix to this problem. The people want a cheaper variant of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

  • Foldable screen

This seems like too much to ask for right now. However, people from around the world have requested various reputed brands to release a smart phone with a foldable screen. Smart phones with foldable screens were recently pictured in Asia. This gave rise to the people’s demand to see the feature in Samsung’s next flagship.

  • Dual lens camera

The improvements made on the camera of the Galaxy S8 disappointed a few people. People expected a large megapixel figure with a dual lens camera. However, due to the lack of time, Samsung could only provide a 12MP camera with single lens. Hopefully, the S9 wouldn’t face the same problem.

  • A larger battery

Samsung Galaxy S8 was released with many upgrades to its predecessor. However, its battery size compared to its other features faded its value. A 3000 mAh is something which would hold back the people from buying the device. We expect Samsung to work on this and increase the battery size to at least 4000 mAh.

What is the release date of Samsung Galaxy S9?

As per the rumors spreading online by the news maker and designers make it clears that the device will be available in 2018. Even if we go with the common sense and previous release dates of the devices in the series; it can easily be assumed that Galaxy S9 will be launched at MWC, 2018. Just after its release, it will be available in Market from April, 2018.

Difference between Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 Full display concept

  • Screen Size

It is believed that the Plus model will be the one with screen size of 6.5” with the same technical specs as of its main model.

  • Chipset Technology

As per our information, the main model will not be featuring 7nm technology and Super Capacitor Battery. Plus model will be the one to be featuring 7nm chipset technology ad Super Capacitor Battery.

  • Release Date

Because of the more up gradation, Plus model will be release around one and half month later than Galaxy S9.

  • Price

Price of Plus model can’t be spread straight forward with the wrong intention of rumors. As it will be featuring some latest technical upgrades; it is expected to be launched at a higher price.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price

While buying any product, the first thing which comes to our minds is the pricing of the product. Samsung Galaxy S9 Price lives with the same case. Its predecessor device (Samsung Galaxy S8) came with a starting price tag of $725 of its base version. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 Plus was released with a tag of $825.

The expected price of any flagship device today is usually more than its predecessor. This is what the basic business mind thinks. The same is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S9 price. Similar to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S9 price is also expected to be launched at $900 in US. We don’t expect the device to be any cheaper with the features that are rumored in the market.

Country Galaxy S9 Price
Galaxy S9 Price in USA $990
Price in UK 720 Pound
Price in India 58,000 INR
Price in Europe 835 Euro
Price in Canada 1,270 Canadian Dollar
Price in Australia 1,250 Australian Dollar
Price in China 6,250 Yuan
Price in Japan 99,570 Yen
Price in UAE (Dubai) 3,350 Dirham

Comparison to its predecessor

A lot of upgrades are expected in Samsung Galaxy S9 when compared to its predecessor. An increase in camera quality, device RAM, display resolutions, battery size and much more are expected from the next flagship. However, the size of the screen (5.8” on the Samsung Galaxy S8) is expected to drop down in the next variant of the series. A change in placement of fingerprint sensor, a thinner body, and other hardware feature upgrades are also expected. With all these upgrades Samsung Galaxy S9 Price is expected to be much more than the S8 ($720 base).

Samsung Galaxy S9 has skyrocketed the consumers’ expectations with its rumored features and pricing. This should alert all of its competitors. However, judging the mobile phone already would be unfair to both Samsung and its competitors since all we have right now are rumors.

The aspects like pricing are all uncertain yet. Although one thing is certain, if Samsung can create anything close to what the rumors say and at the same time price the device as per the people’s liking, the throne of this market will be theirs yet again. What are your expectations with the device?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Updates!

Dated 22nd May, 2017 – New rumors have started coming on web regarding the maximum screen coverage on front. This states that more than 95% of the front space will be covered by the screen and curved on four edges. For more details, you can read this article.

Dated 7th June, 2017– Information on new chipset for Samsung Galaxy S9 has already been provided. Qualcomm and Snapdragon are working together on the next device to make it a better device. The whole concept is to make the new device 40% more energy efficient and 30% powerful & faster than all the other devices.  Yes, we are talking about 7nm chipset technology to be unveiled in 2018 with Galaxy S9.

2017 is a successful year for Samsung with the launch of Galaxy S8 featuring Snapdragon 835 processor. Although there are many drawbacks found in the new device. Wait for the new article in our blog providing the drawbacks of Galaxy S8.

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