Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9: New Design with 95% Screen to Body Ratio

Concept designers are creating rumors online for Samsung Galaxy S9. The concept given in this article is attractive and first concept which is seen on web.

We have seen the concept of curved edges in Samsung Galaxy S8. Concept of Samsung Galaxy S9 seems closer to it and promising when compared with Galaxy S8.

The designer who created this concept has not sought to propose an aesthetic that breaks with that of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Indeed, this concept of the Galaxy S9 clearly reminds us of its predecessor. The slab covers an impressive part of the overall surface since it easily exceeds 90%. It is, of course, a border-less screen that covers even the lower border.

The upper part incorporates the stereo speaker. On the right border, you will find the controls to adjust the volume and the fingerprint reader are integrated within the screen. In the back, a double vertical photo sensor is installed. In the front, it has speaker and secondary camera.

The designer does not only provide us with a visual, it also offers an overpowering technical sheet. He speaks of an Infinite Display screen of 5.7 inches capable of displaying 4K and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The configuration is composed of a Snapdragon 845 accompanied by a RAM of 6 GB and an internal memory of 128 GB.

What is missing in this concept of Galaxy S9?

The concept looks quite promising and the best part is the display which covers the major portion of the device. This concept doesn’t talk about the 7nm chipset technology and super capacitor battery for fast charging which is the need of the hour.

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