The Designing of Brand New Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung is well known for its Galaxy S series which has came with a flagship phone every year. Now after the Galaxy S8 in 2017 the turn comes of the 9 edition of this series i.e. Samsung Galaxy S9. Galaxy S8 has just launched in March but according to the hot searches it seems that people are madder for Galaxy S9 than S8.

The reason can be the problems with Galaxy S8 whether it is placing of fingerprint scanner or the speed of the phone. Users and experts are expecting improvements in Galaxy S9 which would be just perfect. In this topic we will just talk about the designing of the upcoming Galaxy S9.

Designing of Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Full display concept

Samsung has done various experiments on Galaxy S6 and S7 and have also succeeded to some extent but the Galaxy S8 came with something which left everyone in the state of shock. The combination of metal and glass is really impressive and it won hearts of most of the users. People are expecting the same design in the upcoming Galaxy S9 as this combination of glass and metal gives a premium look to these flagship devices.

While on the other side experts are expecting are redefined design that would be more impressive than of Galaxy S8. The prevent versions of the phone launched with Galaxy S7 has a curved edge which seems a little difficult to hold in the palm of the hand. And now with the launch of Galaxy S9 it is expected that developer will make the back edge of this upcoming device a little more curved that will result in perfect fit of the phone in your palm. I would mention it again that this is all guesswork and is based on the rumors; we can just predict all the features of the phone as Samsung has kept a tight lipped for this phone.

Moreover, people are something big and different like foldable screen. Samsung showed a phone with foldable screen in a video on YouTube which is Galaxy X. Moreover, an executive of Samsung confirmed it by saying in press that foldable screen will not be seen before 2019. But still people are expecting saying that Samsung always come with a surprise.

The body of the phone about which we discussed earlier also that it would be a combination of metal and glass, that glass in Samsung S9 is expected to be Gorilla Glass 4 or 5. It would be covered with this glass from front as well as back which would protect it from even a single scratch.


Beside above mentioned design features there also some other features which will add a feather to the cap. 4K display is expected to be introduced with Galaxy S9 which will be first seen in a phone and will give an amazing experience to cinema and game lovers. However, if the design expected by experts will be proved true then this phone will become the first choice of many and dream of all.